Bakso by SambalTTC, Toronto

Bakso Special


Indonesian style meatball soup made with AAA beef served with beef ribs, vermicelli, egg noodles, silky tofu, teh botol, and kerupuk
Bubur Ayam by SambalTTC, Toronto

Bubur Ayam Kaki Lima

$18.00 serves 2

Street style congee with dough fritters, shredded chicken, hard boiled egg, peanuts, prawn crackers, chicken broth and other condiments
Wedang Ronde by SambalTTC, Toronto

Wedang Ronde


Indonesian peanut filled mochi balls served with warm ginger syrup
Nasi Liwet Bakar by SambalTTC, Toronto

Nasi Liwet Bakar


Indonesian grilled rice with fried chicken, crispy bits, tofu and tempeh, tapioca cracker, and sambal terasi.
Indonesian Chicken Skewers by SambalTTC, Toronto

Sate Ayam Bumbu Kacang

$22.00 per 15 skewers

Indonesian style chicken skewers served with house blend peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce.
Nasi Uduk by SambalTTC, Toronto

Nasi Uduk Jakarta


Indonesian coconut infused rice served with potato fritters, fried vermicelli, eggs, and Indonesian trail mix, and jasmine tea.
Soto Betawi by SambalTTC, Toronto

Soto Betawi


Jakarta beef soup consisting of beef chunks slowly simmered in various spices and coconut milk. Served with emping, sambal, jasmine tea
Indonesian Crispy Fried Chicken by SambalTTC

Ayam Kremes

$20.00 per whole chicken

Indonesian fried chicken with crispy flakes.
Ikan Bakar by SambalTTC, Toronto

Ikan Bakar Sambal Kecap


Grilled golden pompano served with sweet soy sauce.
Indonesian Dirty Duck by SambalTTC

Balinese Dirty Duck


Balinese style crispy fried duck served with sambal matah.

Pempek Palembang


Indonesian fried fish cake served with house blend vinaigrette
Ayam Pop by SambalTTC, Toronto

Ayam Pop


Padang style twice-cooked skinless chicken. It is first slow cooked in Indonesian blended spices with coconut water then deep fried in virgin coconut oil.
Gudeg Jogja by SambalTTC, Toronto

Gudeg Jogja Komplit


Sweet yet savoury dish made of green jackfruit served with opor ayam, krecek, tahu tempe bacem, rice, tapioca cracker, and jasmine tea.
Opor Ayam by SambalTTC, Toronto

Opor Ayam


White Indonesian chicken curry served with egg.
Tahu Tempe Bacem by SambalTTC, Toronto

Tahu Tempe Bacem


Tofu and tempeh simmered in Javanese traditional marinate.
Wajik by SambalTTC, Toronto



Traditional Indonesian snack made with steamed glutinous rice cooked in palm sugar and coconut milk.
Nasi Rames Padang by SambalTTC, Toronto

Nasi Rames Padang


Rice, rendang, balado egg, kale, Indonesian trail mix, and sambal ijo wrapped in banana leaf served with tapioca cracker.
Rendang by SambalTTC, Toronto


$15.00 per 250g

Rich, flavourful, and tender coconut beef stew originated from West Sumatra. Was crowned as the #1 best food in the world by CNN.
Tempe Teri Kacang by SambalTTC, Toronto

Tempe Teri Kacang

$13.00 per 200g

Indonesian trail mix consisting of tempeh, anchovies, and peanuts cooked in house-blend sauce.
Telor Pindang

Telor Pindang


Twice cooked egg


"It’s been very challenging to find Indonesian food in the GTA, that’s both accessible and authentic. As an Indonesian, I’m pleasantly surprised by how SambalTTC nails down every dish, especially their Ayam Kremes. Great service, fair pricing and consistent. I hope they’re here to stay!"
Natasha Gan
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"The best Indonesian food vendor in GTA, their service and food are beyond expectation. Just order one time and you will order again and again. Keep this up"
Nessa Hapsari
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